Montag, 12. Februar 2024

Fremo Meet in Delmenhorst in 2022


Espanola Update - Log Truck 3D print n scale

Not all logs come to the mill by rail. Also several log truck are bringing in logs from nearby.

Each truck needs to be weighted. so a weighing pad is needed.

This truck started as a 3D print.

It needed quiet some assembly but turned out great.

The detail is amazing.

Not for big hands...


Espanola Updates Warehouse

 The warehouse and the chemicals additives unloading dock were built with evergreen sheets as metal sidings.

Also hundreds of woodsticks were glued to the border of the module.

The building was painted in a kind of vanilla color.

The huge processing tower on the right was cut in pieces and the smaller part was glues to the module.

Previous to glueing I positioned some log stacks where the wall of logs should be.

The warhouse is build of 3mm wood with glues on styrene sheets.

Inside the shed a walkway helps crews to works safe.

Espanola Domtar yard equipment

To fill the empty space in front of the loading dock some buildings and containers were positioned.

Also a scale house was needed

A chain link fence marks the end of the property.


Espanola Updates - Beer Store interior

The beer store was a must have for this module.
It was built of evergreen sheets that were cut by a laser.

To have a nice interior I ordered some 3D prints.

This included a counter

Some more Racks, barrels and bottles are needed.


Espanola Updates DAM power station


long time no see.

I finally continues with the build of this nice module.

The power generating house needed to be build. So I modified an old kit to match this building.

The building is too big for the scene, I'll need to shorten it in the future.

Mittwoch, 16. November 2022

Espanola Domtar Paper Mill - 2022 Updates

 There was some progress in 2022!

The Beer Store and the blinds dealer were built.

Also the first layers of color were applied.

Testing the location of the fence with some add on material.

Lower viewing angle.

A look from the small hill to town.

The woodchip spur is now in place, ballasted and ready to serve.

I also applied some static grass next to the track

Fremo Meet in Delmenhorst in 2022